Mission Statement

To be Hawaii’s local solution for marine and coastal science and resource management, while investing in the success and quality of life for our employees.


To understand our ocean resources, so we can be good stewards, honoring tradition, and keep fishing for years to come.

FISH Inc. was founded by a passionate marine and fisheries scientist who calls Hawaii home. FISH is a women-owned small business (WOSB) skilled in fisheries observation, marine biology, island coastal resource management, scientific research, and innovative technology. Our team has a combined 70 years of experience in Marine Science and Fisheries in the Pacific.

Josee, Founder and CEO

Josee Vincent directs the Pacific Islands Regional Observer Program for Hawaii and American Samoa longline fleets and has been managing this program for more than 15 years. She is an experienced contract and project manager with over 20 years experience in planning, coordinating, and successfully delivering observer programs in the Pacific. Since 1999 she has been deeply involved in Pacific conservation and environmental management, and offers strong knowledge and experience in Pacific region fisheries management, species, environmental issues and regulations (MSA, ESA, MMPA, MARPOL and Health and Safety protocols), and in particular, coordination and compliance with partial-coverage Federal observer programs under The Magnuson-Stevens Act. Ms. Vincent is uniquely qualified in her role, having developed deep relationships and trust of other observer programs such as TechSea and MRAG, in addition to boat captains, port coordinators, and observers in Alaska and the Greater Pacific. A former certified and experienced longline observer herself, she brings firsthand knowledge of observer programs at every level.

Laura, Co-founder and COO

Laura Trilles is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with fifteen (15) years of experience leading teams, directing, coordinating, and managing projects, and delivering measurable results to clients, Laura is a skilled program and operations director. She has excellent organizational, leadership, public relations, and communications skills. She is experienced in managing a variety of client projects ($20-$50 M Revenue, 80+ employee base) that cross many geographic locations (10+ timezones). She has led teams of multi-disciplined program managers, project managers, coordinators, and staff working offsite, remotely or at client facilities on the West Coast and across the Pacific Islands. 

Laura has a Master of Science in Marine Science from Hawaii Pacific University where she studied patterns of coral recruitment in the presence of invasive algae and a native sea urchin biocontrol in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. Laura also assisted in establishing Hawaii’s first ex situ coral nursery. She currently participates in a variety of projects including ecological research and restoration, watershed management, marine and terrestrial research and restoration, education and outreach, Hawaiian marine, animal, and plant identification for government, commercial and nonprofit clients. She has twelve (12) years of combined lab and field experience in marine and aquatic scientific research, and she is a certified Divemaster with 400+ logged dives. She recently developed and taught a series of trainings on native Hawaiian bird species identification, handling and construction hazards (artificial lights and downed seabirds). She has eight (8) years of field experience with birds including threatened native Hawaiian species, seabirds, waterfowl, forest birds and migratory birds.

Ed, President

Mr. Phillips brings 11 years of professional experience and 15 years of “at-sea” experience with expertise in government services specifically in the realm of fisheries science and water resource management. He has been instrumental in the evolution of the Pacific Islands Regional Observer Program since 2008 and has gained a unique perspective across numerous disciplines including natural resource management, operations, government services, remediation, compliance, and environmental sciences. Since 2015 Edward has worked with the City & County of Honolulu by supporting the designation, monitoring, and management of 49 sample points on the island of Oahu in ordinance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. Working with both established organizations and start-up entrepreneurial ventures Mr. Phillips has been able to build the value and character into multiple organizations success working as both a team member, lead, and Project Manager in a variety of unique and challenging situations.

Jim, Port Coordinator

Jim McDonough has 8 years experience as a fisheries observer across the North Pacific groundfish, Hawaii longline, and the international Pacific tuna transshipment fisheries. He worked with the NMFS Pacific Islands Regional Office for 3 years, debriefing observers returning from sea, managing fisheries data, training observers, and acting as liaison for enforcement reports to NOAA Office of Law Enforcement and the Coast Guard. He now is a port coordinator with the Hawaii longline program, performing safety and compliance inspections of vessels, assisting observers to embark and disembark, managing contract equipment, and liaising with NMFS to facilitate observer data entry. 

Tim, Port Coordinator

Tim Nock is a fishing vessels port coordinator with previous experience coordinating commercial shipping vessels. He has also been contracted as a NMFS PIRO debriefer and fisheries observer. He has observed in four fisheries with over a thousand sea days of experience.

Chris, Social Scientist

Dr. Christopher Hawkins has spent more than 25 years in marine and fisheries management, most of it in the U.S. Pacific Islands. Chris brings broad experience in the principles of coastal marine ecology and artisanal fisheries, and expertise in conservation planning, monitoring, and human dimensions research. His approach to resource conservation is rooted in understanding the relationship between society and nature – how characteristics of each influence and affect the other. He has worked for local and federal government agencies, universities, and non-profits.

Questions About Our Team & Services?

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